Self-Employed Income Support Scheme – are you ready?

Self-Employed Income Support Scheme – are you ready?

This post is in relation to the self-employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS).

We understand from HMRC that accountants won’t be able to make claims on behalf of their clients and clients will require their own Gateway account in order to make a claim. As such, please find below details on how to register for an account if you don’t already have one.

You’ll need your name, national insurance number, UTR number, date of birth, mobile phone & passport.

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down to Sign In (green button)
  3. Click Sign in with Government Gateway & Press Continue
  4. Scroll Down and click the “Continue to your account” link
  5. Click on the “Create sign in details” link
  6. Enter your email address and press continue (you’ll need to have access to the email address)
  7. You should receive a code on your email account. Enter this code and press confirm
  8. Press continue
  9. Enter your name and press continue
  10. Create a password and press continue
  11. Press continue
  12. Create a recovery word and press continue
  13. Make a note of your Government Gateway ID (it should also be emailed to you) and press continue
  14. Select individual and press continue
  15. Press continue
  16. You now need to choose a method to get activation codes, for this example we’ve chosen Text messages but you can use an alternative if you prefer. Click “Text Messages” and press continue
  17. Select “Yes” assuming that it’s a UK mobile number and press “continue”
  18. Enter your mobile number and press send access code
  19. Enter the access code and press continue
  20. Press continue again & then continue again
  21. Enter your first name, last name, national insurance number & date of birth and press continue
  22. Select passport questions and press continue. There is also an option for “Mutlitple choice security questions” if you don’t have a passport – this works by asking some questions about your credit report.
  23. Press yes to consent and press continue
  24. Enter your passport number, surname, given names & expiry date of the passport and press continue and then continue again
  25. Select how you would like to receive notices (online account or post) and press continue
  26. Press continue (you should have an email to verify your address if you selected online)
  27. Press continue & continue
  28. Click self-assessment and request access to self-assessment
  29. Enter your UTR number and then either your postcode or NI number and press request access
  30. Press continue
  31. HMRC will post you a code to your address. Once you receive the code, please login to your HMRC account, click Activate your Self Assessment and enter the code
  32. You should now have access to your online HMRC account

If you have any issues, please do get in touch.

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