Don’t Book-keep your business to ruin

Don’t Book-keep your business to ruin

Harrisons Accountancy know that looking after your clients is key for your business but your book-keeping is just as important. Book-keeping gives you valuable information on your accounts – whether you are making money per job or if you are actually getting paid.

Many businesses go bust because they are paying out money and not receiving the cash that they are owed.

So you should always ensure that your accounts are up to date as it will give you valuable information including

  • Invoices unpaid – Make sure you get your outstanding cash in.
  • Profit – Are you doing as well as you thought you was
  • Estimated Tax – Make sure you don’t get a shock

Make sure that you know how your business is performing to ensure that you business is successful.

Remember by using Harrisons Accounts we will keep your book-keeping up to date. If you use Harrisons Accountants in Biggleswade will also be able to provide you with management accounts  to allow your business to be pro-active and help increase your wealth.

If you want to talk to Harrisons Accountancy based in Biggleswade then give us a call on 01767 312696 or fill in the contact us box and we will get in touch with you.

Kenny Harrison


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