Company Formation Services UK

Company Formation Services UK: Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership

Harrison’s Accountancy in Bedfordshire, provide company formation services UK, that can incorporate your company with Companies House. Our company formation services in the UK, can take as little as 2-3 hours and you will receive the following:

Certificate of Incorporation

Memorandum and Articles of Association

Share Certificates for share holders

Electronic filling codes for future filing at Companies House

Harrison’s Accountancy chartered accountants in Bedfordshire are also on hand to answer any questions you have, from whether you should start a UK Limited Company? Or a Limited Liability Partnership? We can advise you, based on your needs and your business. We’ll explain everything in plain English too.


Harrison’s Accountancy take all the weight off your shoulders and ensure you are claiming the correct tax breaks too.  As you grow, so will your accounting workload, so why not let us help you?


Harrison’s Accountancy provide company formation services UK wide. 


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