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What our Clients Say!

Harrison’s Accountancy have always delivered a great service for our company, on time and on budget! Daniel and team work fast too!
Louise – Limited Company Client.
Harrison’s Accountancy and especially Daniel did a great job helping me out in the first year of my business and they are still doing so now 3 years later! They deliver a precise, prompt and extremely professional service
Andrea – Sole Trader Client.
Daniel has been the perfect accountant for me, he is swift in replying to any queries and is very professional. He always arranges for my accounts to be done at speed which is really convenient. He makes the whole accountancy process less stressful.
Lou – Sole Trader Client.


I changed from my old accountant to Kenny for my latest tax return and he is amazing. Dealing with this stuff usually gives me anxiety but Kenny takes that all away. Not only has he done an amazing job of my taxes he’s been able to give me great advise on everything I throw at him. I could rattle on but just wanted to get this out there, Kenny is an absolute legend
Zeb – Sole Trader Client.
Up until this year a have always done my own accounts as I thought this would save me money and I was wrong, I decided to look for a accountant as my friends who own businesses said that I needed a accountant as I am supporting my business financially myself, I decided to look for a local business and I found Harrison’s accountants based in Biggleswade, Daniel was very professional and gave expert advice, I found the whole process very easy with a relaxed atmosphere, I would strongly recommend his company
Ian- Sole Trader Client.
I contacted Kenny when I decide to run my own business as I have no head for figures at all. It was the best decision I have ever made. From our initial contact to ongoing texts, phone calls and emails he has been an amazing amount of support for a complete novice to the world of accounts. He has proved his worth already before my tax returns have needed to be sent in by sorting out and reducing an over inflated tax demand. He his always prompt in responding in a very responsible efficient manner
Julia – Sole Trader Client.

An accountant I can communicate with? -yeh right!” ..however Kenny has provided me with a one stop solution for not only my accounting but also the running of my business. As a confirmed control freak giving the away the financial side was hard but it has crucially allowed me more time to work on my business rather than  wasted effort working within it on tasks he does much much better.  The extra cost to me above what I was paying before (which is minimal anyway) has already been paid back by having professional advice and fine attention to the detail of my company finances.   I would highly recommend Harrison’s to anyone looking for a change

Kev- Limited Company Client.
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